A word to guide me through 2016

This year was, quite frankly, bloody marvellous. Who would have thought you could change your family's location, lifestyle, occupations and everything besides, and do so without difficulty or … [Read More...]

5 of Hobart’s best coffees

During our recent visit to Hobart, I put my coffee snob husband to the challenge of finding the city's best. Turns out, Hobart has plenty of top-notch coffee. … [Read More...]

Returning to Hobart

It was the little things my Nanna did that meant the most. She'd warm our towels on the heater while we had a bath, cook special treats, and surprise me with a serving of leftover dinner - my … [Read More...]

Pioneering Queensland’s Pioneer Valley

The Pioneer Valley might look like it’s all sugar cane and relaxing forest scenery, but there’s a lot more to it than that. … [Read More...]

10 fun things to do on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of South Australia's most popular spots. Here are some ideas of how to have fun once you're there. … [Read More...]

Exploring history and new adventures in the Woolshed Valley

The Woolshed Valley is 10 minutes from Beechworth and has many stories - past and present - waiting to be heard. … [Read More...]

You fell over! That’s great!

It's a frustrating week here, with little falls knocking me around. So, it's time for a reminder of a lesson recently learnt: falling is really a sign of something other than failure. … [Read More...]

Two things I’ve learnt from mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness and meditation have, quite literally, changed my life. Here's how. … [Read More...]


An overnight hike with kids at Wilson’s Prom (and related lessons)

Every hike we do throws new challenges at us and our kids, and our latest adventure was perhaps the biggest lesson in resilience for our family yet. … [Read More...]

Rainforest scuba diving

It wasn't until weights were tucked into my gear that I realised why I'd never wanted to scuba dive. I'm not at my most confident in the water, and the idea of being weighted down below the surface … [Read More...]

Swimming with seals and dolphins: the experience I had to have

It took a while to figure out what made me book Swimming with Dolphins. Because while it might sound like great fun and a really special experience, it’s actually something I’d done before… and hated. … [Read More...]


13 road-tested (medication-free) ways to help kids with car sickness

Car sickness is every parent’s nightmare. We’ve road-tested lots of strategies for dealing with it, ranging from classics to new ideas. Here’s what happened.

The travelling siblings

From the moment the youngest member of our family was born, our two girls just clicked. But with four years between them, at no stage of their childhoods will they be at similar stages. Travelling together changes that.

Photography expedition: the Beechworth Gorge

“Do you want to stay up later tonight and …” “YES!” (A six-year-old doesn’t need to know why she’s allowed to stay up late. It doesn’t matter what else is happening; not being told to go to sleep is the ultimate in life.) “Well, I’m going to take you on a photography expedition,” I explained. And […]


A very north-east winter

“If you can survive your first winter here then you’ll be right, love,” a long-time local told me. That sounded ominous … so how have we done?

We just want to hang out

One of the great things about moving to the country is meeting new people – and it’s intriguing to delve into their minds to find out why they chose to move.

Photography expedition: the old Beechworth Hospital facade

I love an outing with my camera in hand. You know how some people say you shouldn’t watch life through a viewfinder, that you need to put the camera down to take things in? Well, sometimes it works in the opposite way for me. In looking for the good moments to snap, I’m completely present; […]


My first ‘glamping’ experience

I love to keep things basic when camping, so thought the wilderness retreat ‘tent’ at Wilson’s Prom would be a bit soft. As it turns out, maybe I’m happy to soften up a bit.

Out the back of the William Creek pub

William Creek – population 10 – is South Australia’s smallest town. But somehow, referring to it as just a dot in the middle of nowhere underestimates the power of this place.

10 tips for camping with toddlers

Camping with toddlers is great fun (truly!), although there are some things you need to know ahead of time. These ten tips will help make it an experience worth doing again and again.